We are giving back to the community in our own small way!

We have designated the last Wednesday of each month "Wash For A Cause" day.  On this day we donate all cash sales to a local non profit organization.  Some of the charities that have been chosen in the past are the United Fund, Edens Stockings, March of  Dimes, Angels of Mercy Outreach, CASA and Woof Pet Rescue.  If you would like to donate to the Charity of the Month come by and wash your car!
Recently we have modified our website to accept donations.  Many people want to help but can't be at the carwash on that day.  Just click on the "DONATE TODAY!" tab any time during the month.  Go down to the "PROMOTION CODE" blank and type the word "DONATE".  You can then choose how much you wish to donate.  As always, 100% of your donation goes to the current months Charity.  Help us make Woodward a little better.
For a reminder please ask Woodwards Chamber of commerce to add you to their mailing list.  They send out reminders each month for all activities going on in Woodward.
http://www.woodwardchamber.com 580-256-7411

Thanks for your participation