How can I SAVE MONEY at the Carwash???

There are many ways you can SAVE MONEY!


1. Purchase a PREPAID washcard here at our website. When you do, you automatically get 15% FREE MONEY bonus cash added to your account!

Self Service Washing at Laserwash of Woodward on 13th Street:

2. Get Prepared. If paying cash, know how much you will spend. Don't put in more than you need. Start with $2. Insert the bills and automatically choose High Pressure soap. We want to spray off any loose dirt on your car. You dont need to get it "Deep Clean" at this point. This should take about 1 minute unless you have Mud, that will take more time.

Before you put the high pressure wand back in the holster, spray off the Foam Brush Bristles to remove any abrasives. Next go directly to tire cleaner. This is a similar chemical used to remove bugs from windows. Spray only on bugs on bumper and window, this should only take about 30 seconds or less.

Next choose Foam Brush. Spend the rest of your time covering your vehicle with the Foam Brush Foam. It is very thick and will cover your car easily, we want to lubricate the entire car. Brush the "BUG PREPPED" areas last if you can help it, the longer the chemical stays on, the easier the bugs come off. Keep brushing gently until you have covered your entire car.

WHEN YOUR TIME EXPIRES DONT WORRY, THIS IS WHERE YOU REALLY SAVE MONEY. Now you dont have to hurry anymore. You have plenty of soap on your car and the clock is not ticking. Be thorough, even brushing your rims, etc.

When you are ready to rinse, insert another $1. Go directly to HIGH PRESSURE RINSE and spray off all soap starting from the top and going down. Don't forget the bugs on the bumper and windows. If your bugs are not too bad you should be able to finish with this last $1 and have about 1 minute to spare. Go directly to SPOT FREE RINSE, start from the top of your vehicle and procees down, making sure to get inside the mirrors.

It will take time to perfect this technique, but in time you should be able to cut your time and expense significantly. We DO RECOMMEND putting WAX on your vehicle just before SPOT FREE RINSE...but that is something you can work in as you get better. It will certainly help protect your pride and joy(VEHICLE) from the elements!