Laserwash of Woodward

Come and get a personal wash experience at Laserwash of Woodward.  Satellite radio is playing good tunes and the water is Hot.  If you're not in the mood to wash your own car, just pull up to the drive through and someone will take your money, prep your car, before entry, then make sure it is clean before coming out the other end.


For those of you who want to wash your own car, we can help.  Just pull into one of our 6 self service bays with 10'7" clearance and enjoy the spacious bays.  Once you are done you can pull forward and vacuum your car out and shammy it dry.  All from the comfort of covered facilities.  When you are done just pull forward to the exit, no need to back up!

There are many amenities like "Air Shamee" if you want to blow your car dry, change machines on front and back of the building as well as vending machines, shampooers, etc. Not only can you enjoy the spacious comfort of our facility but we take credit cards in all wash bays and 2 vacuum bays on the South End!  DONT FORGET, always push the STOP BUTTON next to the credit card swipe, not the STOP BUTTON on the wash selection panel.